Spotlight Interview: Dave Mattson

Dave Mattson - Sandler Systems, Inc

Dave talks about innovation, learning from customers, and success in sales.

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Spotlight Interview: David Allen

David Allen - Getting Things Done

David talks about GTD and how it can help you, your business, and your success.

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Spotlight Interview: Gordon Logan

Gordon Logan - Sport Clips

Gordon talks about Sport Clips and the success of the franchise model he built.

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Brittany Hodak
Brittany Hodak

ZinePak specializes in creating custom packages for pop-culture superfans. Since the company’s inception in 2011, superstars including Katy Perry, KISS, Taylor Swift, George Strait, Mumford & Sons, and dozens of other performers have turned to ZinePak for help elevating their entertainment offerings.

ZinePak was founded by Brittany Hodak, whose career began in the music industry, and Kim Kaupe, whose background is in publishing. Although both industries experienced double-digit sales declines for almost a decade prior to ZinePak’s launch, the cofounders saw a need in the marketplace for compelling, physical products for entertainment fans and set out to create a company to create them.

ZinePak’s namesake configuration, which pairs a CD with a small-format magazine and collectible merchandise items, launched in Walmart stores nationwide in early 2011. Since then, fans have spent more than $25 million buying 3 million ZinePaks at Walmart.  Can you expand on how your love of writing was a big part of the reason that you started ZinePak?

Brittany:  Absolutely! When I was 17 years old, I began working at a radio station in Arkansas…as the station’s mascot. Luckily, I was soon given other, slightly more glamorous responsibilities, one of which included blogging about artists for the station’s website. I loved writing and I loved music, so it was the perfect job—especially since meeting rock stars was literally part of my job. From there I helped several bands craft their bios and press kits while I was in college, then took a marketing job at a record company in New York. I thought there was a hole in the marketplace for a configuration that really paired music with artist discovery. That insight led to the idea for ZinePak. Our mission is to help get fans closer to the artists they love with exclusive content that they can’t find anywhere else.



Eric Knight
Eric Knight
Persistent Management™
Founder & CEO

Persistent Management™ is a full service artist management company. Launched in the spring of 2008 their artist roster includes, Latin pop-rock sensation Ignacio Val, hard rock act Disciples Of Babylon, feature film and television Director/Producer Keith L. Shaw.

With their headquarters based in Los Angeles, PM is already working with some of today’s hottest artists on the music as well as creative scenes, and are poised and ready to become one of the premiere artist management companies in the entertainment industry. How does your experience and background enable you to take your clients to the next level of their careers?



Chris Catalano
School of Rock
CEO & Chairman

Chris Catalano has established himself as a leading advisor in the music industry, serving as CEO of School of Rock since July 2010 and Chairman of the Board since June 2009. His passion and commitment to inspire musicians around the nation has helped to establish the franchise as the most prolific educator of young aspiring musicians and the national leader in performance-based music education. School of Rock is an ingenious concept that gets kids and adults rocking out and performing with their peers. With more than 100 locations in seven countries, the franchise proves that Rock & Roll is alive and kickin’.

Additionally, Catalano has recently been elected to join the Board of Governors for the Chicago Chapter of The Recording Academy. In Catalano’s new role, he will support and work with the Chicago music community to help raise awareness about the importance of music education in the development of the next generation of artists and leaders.

MO: Can you share the story behind the School of Rock?



Kate Ross
Ross Business Management

As a small business owner, Kate Ross knows first-hand the value of streamlined operations and smart bookkeeping to achieve financial and career goals.

Through strategic growth planning, risk assessment, and cash flow management, Kate helps small businesses exceed their goals. To her clients, Kate is more than just a consultant: she’s an advisor, a mentor, and a friend.

The team at Ross Business Management is committed to making the highest level of financial and operational integrity available to creative, passionate small-business owners. They are experts at streamlining operations and offer financial solutions (accounting, strategic planning, financial management, operations and HR) for small businesses so that entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners can focus on what they really love to do, and not worry about back of house management.

MO: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?



David Hooper
David Hooper
Founder is a marketing agency for the music business. They help musicians and record labels sell more music, get more people to their shows, and make more money in the music business.

MO: What inspired you to launch your business?



Sarah Hardwick
Sarah Hardwick
Founder & CEO

Sarah Hardwick is the founder and CEO of Zenzi. Her high energy and passion have fueled the company’s growth from its inception in 2002 into an award-winning communications firm with leading consumer and technology clients including Nestle, Chiquita, Shea Homes, Mapquest and others.

Zenzi combines proven strategies (in public relations, social media, events and grassroots marketing, content management) with new tactics, from cause marketing to crowdsourcing.

MO: How do you amplify conversations and turn them into opportunities?



Ken Scott
Ken Scott
Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust

Ken Scott has significantly influenced music for decades and is known for producing music with unique and original sounds. Records he’s produced or on which he’s been the sound engineer have sold more than 200 million units.

He was one of the five main engineers for The Beatles and he produced that seminal Bowie release… and so much more. Abbey Road To Ziggy Stardust chronicles Scott’s amazing career. He has worked with a who’s who of classic rock acts including Elton John, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Supertramp, Duran Duran, Harry Nilsson, Lou Reed, America, Devo, Kansas, The Tubes and Missing Persons among many others. Ken has also played a big part in the world of jazz, being the first to integrate a more powerful rock sound into the genre via albums by Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham, the Dixie Dregs, Jeff Beck and Stanley Clarke. Abbey Road To Ziggy Stardust is peppered with both provocative and humorous anecdotes and technological techniques to satisfy the most ardent fans and industry insiders alike.

MO: What did the beginning of your incredible career look like? Where did your early passion for music come from?



Entrepreneur David Small
David Small
Small World Inc.

Small World Inc is an online brand of David Small and companies/charities he’s started. David Small is an author, public speaker and entrepreneur. Small World Inc consists of;

Small World Hockey Schools (international ice hockey programs)

Small World Health (Home of the 90 Day Health Challenge)

David Small’s public speaking and books – (an environmental charity)

and the Small World Inc Music Player (supporting unsigned musicians)

MO: Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from? Who or what were your early influences or inspirations?



Founder & Principal

Lando is the founder and principal of the 1 year old company, Rebel Luxe, LLC. Prior to launching Rebel Luxe, Lando was both a music producer and popular culture expert who founded the popular internet radio station as well as Awesome, a retro and vintage oriented pop culture e-commerce site.

Rebel Luxe’s first and current project is Rocker , an e-commerce website devoted to Rock music apparel. The site features a constantly growing collection of t-shirts from the best known bands, artists, concert tours, instrument brands and record labels. Rocker Rags also sells Rock & music inspired fashions and accessories, including many of the styles and brands seen on today’s biggest musicians.

MO: What inspired you to launch Rocker Rags?



Dylan Glanzer
Dylan Glanzer
Parties by Dylan & Company

The love of performing began for Dylan Glanzer at a very young age. She always wanted to be an actress or a big Broadway star. This provided her with a great hobby all through her school years. She got more serious about the idea when she decided to choose theatre as her major in college. The idea to form a party company happened while Dylan was teaching in New Jersey. At this point, inspired by how much she loved entertaining and teaching young children, Dylan had enrolled in Montclair to get her teaching certification and Masters in Early Childhood Education.

A parent approached her about the possibility of doing a birthday party for their child. Not knowing what she would do for a party, Dylan at first said no. However, after four similar requests, it dawned on her that this was a great opportunity. She was learning so much at school, giving her tons of ideas about what she could do to create a wonderful musical party. It all seemed so exciting! Fast forward about 17 years.

Parties by Dylan & Company has been providing fun, creative and dynamic musical party entertainment for children’s birthday parties and special events in Monmouth County and all over New Jersey since 1992!

MO: When you were a little girl you wanted to be an actress or star on Broadway. Is it just as fulfilling to be the entertainment hero to a bunch of children? Do you feel that perhaps mainstream success was elusive because this is what you were actually supposed to be doing?



Richie Frieman
Richie Frieman
The Pen’s Eye View
President, Founder & CEO

Richie is moving in about 1,000 different directions at once and happens to be a writer, illustrator, columnist, inventor and pro-wrestler all rolled into one. A seasoned artist, journalist and columnist, Frieman is established in the fields of design, illustration, sculpture, painting, comedy public speaking, social media and marketing, having shown work professionally in sculpture, painting and illustration.

Richie Frieman was awarded a Laureate medal at the 2008 Computerworld Honors Program (formerly known as the Smithsonian Award), nominated by the CEOs of Research In Motion (RIM), the creators of BlackBerry, for the work we did through the technology of To date, he is the youngest recipient of this award and is the smallest company to ever have this honor bestowed on them. Believing that “every great idea starts with a pen, paper and a vision”, The Pen’s Eye View ( features an interview with talented musician, artist, and/or visionary every 48 hours. Having nearly 1,000 consecutive interviews (a new one every 48 hours) from all over the globe such as emerging artists to Grammy winners. The site also features running sections on Style, Food, Tech and Reviews.

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