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“Music Industry Leader Inspires Children to Rock on Stage and In Life”

Chris Catalano has established himself as a leading advisor in the music industry, serving as CEO of School of Rock since July 2010 and Chairman of the Board since June 2009. His passion and commitment to inspire musicians around the nation has helped to establish the franchise as the most prolific educator of young aspiring musicians and the national leader in performance-based music education. School of Rock is an ingenious concept that gets kids and adults rocking out and performing with their peers. With more than 100 locations in seven countries, the franchise proves that Rock & Roll is alive and kickin’.

Additionally, Catalano has recently been elected to join the Board of Governors for the Chicago Chapter of The Recording Academy. In Catalano’s new role, he will support and work with the Chicago music community to help raise awareness about the importance of music education in the development of the next generation of artists and leaders.

MO: Can you share the story behind the School of Rock?

“You need a person that you can trust for advice, who is seasoned in your industry or in a related field and can provide valuable insight.”

As a small business owner, Kate Ross knows first-hand the value of streamlined operations and smart bookkeeping to achieve financial and career goals.

Through strategic growth planning, risk assessment, and cash flow management, Kate helps small businesses exceed their goals. To her clients, Kate is more than just a consultant: she’s an advisor, a mentor, and a friend.

The team at Ross Business Management is committed to making the highest level of financial and operational integrity available to creative, passionate small-business owners. They are experts at streamlining operations and offer financial solutions (accounting, strategic planning, financial management, operations and HR) for small businesses so that entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners can focus on what they really love to do, and not worry about back of house management.

MO: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

“You have to look at the big picture, not only of growth of the business, but of how the people you work with are being affected by your decisions.”

MusicMarketing.com is a marketing agency for the music business. They help musicians and record labels sell more music, get more people to their shows, and make more money in the music business.

MO: What inspired you to launch your business?

“Every conversation is an opportunity… to grow your business, build awareness and loyalty, understand what motivates your customers and stay ahead of the competition.”

Sarah Hardwick is the founder and CEO of Zenzi. Her high energy and passion have fueled the company’s growth from its inception in 2002 into an award-winning communications firm with leading consumer and technology clients including Nestle, Chiquita, Shea Homes, Mapquest and others.

Zenzi combines proven strategies (in public relations, social media, events and grassroots marketing, content management) with new tactics, from cause marketing to crowdsourcing.

MO: How do you amplify conversations and turn them into opportunities?

“There I was hanging out with some of the most influential musicians, no, most influential people in the world whilst a lot of my friends were still going to school.”

Ken Scott has significantly influenced music for decades and is known for producing music with unique and original sounds. Records he’s produced or on which he’s been the sound engineer have sold more than 200 million units.

He was one of the five main engineers for The Beatles and he produced that seminal Bowie release… and so much more. Abbey Road To Ziggy Stardust chronicles Scott’s amazing career. He has worked with a who’s who of classic rock acts including Elton John, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Supertramp, Duran Duran, Harry Nilsson, Lou Reed, America, Devo, Kansas, The Tubes and Missing Persons among many others. Ken has also played a big part in the world of jazz, being the first to integrate a more powerful rock sound into the genre via albums by Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham, the Dixie Dregs, Jeff Beck and Stanley Clarke. Abbey Road To Ziggy Stardust is peppered with both provocative and humorous anecdotes and technological techniques to satisfy the most ardent fans and industry insiders alike.

MO: What did the beginning of your incredible career look like? Where did your early passion for music come from?

“We may not all make millions, but the people who put their work boots on each day without complaining inspire me.”

Small World Inc is an online brand of David Small and companies/charities he’s started. David Small is an author, public speaker and entrepreneur. Small World Inc consists of;

Small World Hockey Schools (international ice hockey programs)

Small World Health (Home of the 90 Day Health Challenge)

David Small’s public speaking and books

iUseLess.net – (an environmental charity)

and the Small World Inc Music Player (supporting unsigned musicians)

MO: Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from? Who or what were your early influences or inspirations?

“Work hard, work efficient, and love what you do.”

TV Store Online started out of a basement in 2004 and now occupies a 42,000 sq. ft warehouse. What do they do out of this warehouse? They fulfill orders for TV show and Movie Fanatics! TV Store Online has every product you can image from TV t-shirts, halloween costumes, games, music, comics and more.

Fred Hajjar is the President of TV Store Online. He and his team continually think of new ideas and work on new licensing deals to provide their customers with the newest and best TV and Movie products available. Their newest venture is working on the site TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com and getting it ready for when the new movie and tv show are released in 2012!

MO: I would love to know about what inspired this website. An obsession with TV and movies? Noticing a need in the market?

“The music was only intended to be a hobby, the paid gigs came later as it turned itself into a business when I wasn’t looking.”

Paul Hurst runs several niche micro companies from his home. His companies range from providing accounts and admin support for others, organizing and performing period and traditional music & entertainment, and has recently converted his book into an ebook and ended up sorting out books for other members of the Society of Authors.

His talents are spread mainly across three companies. Barndance Ltd that provides live bands and callers for barn dances and callers. Minstrels Ltd does the same but is themed around medieval entertainment, jesters, fire-eaters, magicians etc. Solutions Agency Ltd is a little more mainstream covering work in accounts, admin, and bookkeeping.

MO: You have quite the interesting business portfolio! Will you expand on each of your companies?

“…I’ve always had a deep affinity for the ridiculous and I’m always the one hanging out at the kid’s table at the party”

From a childrenʼs band to the hippest social media jewelry on the block, Ashley Albert is what we refer to as a cool entrepreneur. Her two companies, while both extremely entertaining, are very different, so weʼll address them separately.

The Jimmies fairly accurately described as “bubblegum meets indie,” are the creation and vision of New Yorker Ashley Albert, the daughter of music producer Howard Albert. Albert grew up surrounded by music and musicians, and for her, falling asleep on the studio couch while performers like the Allman Brothers or Eric Clapton tracked material in the next room was all a part of normal life. A debut album, Make Your Own Someday, produced by Albert along with her father, Howard Albert, and her uncle, Ron Albert, in Miami, appeared on Albert’s own Pluckypea Records imprint in 2008 and was originally distributed out of her New York living room.

Survival of The Hippest is the brainchild of Ashley Albert (@Pluckypea) (@TheHippest). While she’s currently up to her neck in Twitter accessories, the New York-based, selfproclaimed Twitterfiend plans to treat Survival of The Hippest is an Entrepreneur General Store and feature a different, “limited edition” item every few months.

MO: Tell us about The Jimmies and why you think it is important to offer this music to children?

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