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Spotlight Interview: Dave Mattson

Dave Mattson - Sandler Systems, Inc

Dave talks about innovation, learning from customers, and success in sales.

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Spotlight Interview: David Allen

David Allen - Getting Things Done

David talks about GTD and how it can help you, your business, and your success.

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Spotlight Interview: Gordon Logan

Gordon Logan - Sport Clips

Gordon talks about Sport Clips and the success of the franchise model he built.

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Amy Foster
Amy Foster
The Foster Law Firm

The Foster Law Firm is a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona dedicated to helping people get Social Security disability benefits. Founded in 2010, they have helped thousands of claimants through the Social Security process. They represent the disabled from the initial application through claims in front of the Federal District Court.

In 2015, Amy Foster published the Social Security Disability Guide for Beginners, now available at, so more people would have access to information about how the disability process works.  What are some common misconceptions that people have when it comes to the areas of disability and Social Security law and procedures?



Jami M. Goldman
Jami M. Goldman
Goldman Law Group, PLLC

Jami M. Goldman attended California State University, Hayward where she graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Studies.

Prior to becoming an attorney Jami had the privilege of representing NCAA Division III student athletes.  As a representative, Jami spoke on the national convention floor on behalf of students and sat on the NCAA Olympic Liaison Committee too.

Currently, Jami is a member of National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives and National Association of Disability Representatives.

Goldman Law Group, PLLC is a small general law firm that provides a high concentration of assistance to those needing help with Social Security Disability claims. The firm also handles residential landlord/tenant matters, personal injury, employment termination, judgment collection cases and DUI’s.  What advice would you give to someone who needs a disability attorney but is anxious of the potential costs involved?



Claudia Zanes_Headshot
Claudia Zanes
Zanes Law Firm

Zanes Law is an 11-year injury law firm in Southern Arizona, with a large practice in motor vehicle accidents and other injury cases. Founded in 2003, the firm is led by Doug Zanes, an Arizona injury lawyer, and (non-attorney) Entrepreneur and CEO, Claudia Zanes. Zanes Law has two offices in Tucson and two in Phoenix, and prides itself on strong community involvement. What’s it like to lead a law firm as an entrepreneur and CEO, instead of a lawyer?



Pete Walsh
Pete Walsh
Peak Workout Business Coaching

Pete Walsh is a Master Certified Coach who is passionate about helping people succeed in business and life. Having spent 16 years in his 90 year old family business Coach Pete knows firsthand the challenges most family businesses face. He has developed a series of practical and proven exercises families can use to strengthen their family business and their family.
Coach Pete’s mission is to end family business suffering one family at a time. Since 1999, he and his team have been providing Executive and Leadership Coaching to some of the most successful businesses in America. In 2014 they have launched a new FREE online resource to help family businesses get access to proven exercises, videos and practices that will help them work better together in their business. The site also gives families access to experienced family business coaches as well as other families to ask questions and seek advice What are some of the unique challenges and advantages that face family businesses?



mary juetten
Mary Juetten
CEO & Founder

Mary Juetten is the CEO & Founder of Traklight. Traklight provides cost-effective online IP identification tools and resources that enable inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and businesses to identify and protect their IP. Completing a dynamic set of questions, users can identify the potential IP associated with their ideas. Users may store trade secrets and confidential information to the secure, online storage – the IP Vault – where files are date and time-stamped. Law firms and more established intellectual property professionals use Traklight products for business or practice development, to assist clients, and identify, store, protect, and manage intellectual property. What are some of the most common issues you see your clients facing when it comes to intellectual property and how can they be avoided?



Nick-Anthony Zamucen
President & CEO
Bio-One Inc.

“Nick-Anthony Zamucen” the President & CEO of Bio-One Inc.  The first and only successful franchised crime scene cleaning company. Nick-Anthony has done for the “crime & trauma scene cleaning industry” what Mark Zuckerberg has done for social media. He is also a published author, business strategist, and an award winning serial entrepreneur that has had tremendous success in various business ventures. He has recently been named to the list of “Top 40 Under 40 CEO’s” and has lead the Bio-One franchise organization to three national franchise awards in the last year.

Bio-One Inc. is the first and only successful crime and trauma scene clean-up franchise. Our franchises are in 10 different states and we are by far, the leader in bio-recovery worldwide. Bio-One’s marketing campaigns are industry specific, innovative and have proven successful year after year.

MO: How did you come up with the concept for Bio-One?



Kyle Clayton
Kyle Clayton
Awesome Cookie Company

Kyle Clayton started his first business, Jackrabbit Janitorial, in 2008 during his last two years in college. Having a ‘real’ job wasn’t an option with his school schedule, so he took a leap and went on his own. By the time Kyle accepted his diploma, he had created a full-time job for himself, eliminating the typical post-grad job hunt. For the last 5 years he has had success and launched a total of 4 new companies based in Phoenix, AZ. His most recent, launched in 2012 is a cookie company.

Awesome Cookie Company is an artisanal cookie company specializing in high quality ingredients and unique varieties. One cookie recipe got this company started, their Famous Cranberry Oatmeal. In 2010, Kyle started giving these cranberry oatmeal cookies to his family and clients of his other company. After two years of these unique gifts, his family and clients wanted more. So with two business partners, they started Awesome Cookie Company.

MO: Can you talk about the process of starting with a single cookie recipe used for family gifts and in 30 days created a company around it?



Kristin Arnold
Kristin Arnold
QPC Inc. - The Extraordinary Team
President & Founder

Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CMC, CPF, CSP is the President and Founder of Quality Process Consultants, Inc., with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Cape Traverse, Prince Edward Island, Canada. As a professional facilitator specializing in high stakes meeting facilitation, interactive speaker and engaging trainer and consultant, Kristin is passionate about teamwork, engagement, action and momentum.

Kristin’s passion for teams is reflected in her writing, speaking, facilitation and consulting. She is the author of several books in the Extraordinary Team Series (Team Basics, Email Basics and Team Energizers), as well as a newspaper columnist and contributing author to a myriad of other team-based books, such as The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation. Her latest award-winning book, Boring to Bravo was published in August, 2010.

Quality Process Consultants, Inc., offers high stakes meeting facilitation, speaking presentations, training and consulting and resources.

They are known for their concrete approach to teamwork and a treasure trove of practical concepts, tools and techniques that their clients can apply immediately to see positive, substantive results.

MO: Where does your passion for teamwork, engagement, action and momentum come from?



Shelli Trung
Shelli Trung
Founder & CEO

Shelli Trung is passionate about giving the younger generation and particularly women – a voice and presence in entrepreneurship, education and social issues that have a direct impact on the quality of their lives. Shelli is also passionate about assisting social enterprises, particularly those that have a direct impact on improving the lives of refugees or displaced persons as she started in Australia on a refugee status.

She is the founder of 3six5dates – a reality dating blog that follow four women in four international cities as they take on 365 dates between them. To learn more about their adventures and misadventures @

MO: First of all, how did you come up with the idea of 3six5dates? What was your starting point for the project?



Stacey Champion
Stacey Champion
Champion PR + Consulting

Champion PR + Consulting is a woman-owned PR + Consulting Firm, specializing in assisting environmental non-profits and green/sustainable companies (or those who wish to be) succeed, as well as locally owned, unique businesses that need help creating buzz. Basically, we like to make sure that people with passion + purpose receive the attention they deserve!

Stacey Champion’s diverse background includes working as an indoor air/environmental quality expert for the past 10+ years and doing the “green” thing for most of her life, so helping green & sustainable companies “walk their talk” without just using buzz words is a core part of the business. Though many PR/Marketing firms have “green” sects these days, there has been a crack-down by the FTC on greenwashing, so protecting liability with factual claims in marketing materials is crucial. Ms. Champion also serves a niche in helping unique local businesses create buzz, with clients such as: FilmBar (an indie lounge/theater) 180 Degrees Automotive (a woman-owned auto repair shop) and Scandalesque (a burlesque troupe).

MO: How have you been able to establish and develop a successful niche market firm with initial investment of only $500?



Ruth Carter
Ruth Carter
Carter Law Firm

Ruth Carter is a 2011 law school graduate from Arizona State University. After 9 years in the mental health industry Ruth gave up being a therapist to pursue an education in law school. Thankfully, she discovered she sincerely enjoyed law school, and that she was remarkably good at it, particularly intellectual property and internet law. Working in the law gave her a chance to continue to be an advocate, have a more active role, and ultimately a more significant impact.

Carter’s post-law school plan is to open a solo law firm focused on intellectual property, internet law, First Amendment, and business formation. It will likely be a virtual law office aimed at serving content producers, entrepreneurs, businesses in need of website terms and conditions or social media polices, and students and schools who need assistance addressing bullying and cyberbullying. She’s also working on her first ebook – The Legal Side of Blogging that will hopefully be released in the spring of 2012. Her professional plans include being a public speaker on copyright, defamation, and internet law issues.

MO: Why are you choosing to start your own business rather than working for an established firm?

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