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Leading a team of expert realtors in Columbia, MO makes every day exciting!

Columbia Real Estate is a premier Columbia, Missouri, real estate company that offers a boutique approach. The company is ranked number one by many among customers wanting personalized attention and exceptional service. Columbia Real Estate agents are seasoned professionals in the Columbia real estate market, including residential and commercial properties for sale or lease.

Wendy C. Swetz moved to Columbia in …

Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio transforms backyards in Arizona, building award-winning swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.

James Frabasilio is the president of Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio, the nation's largest pool builder, based in Arizona. Since 1991, the company has been transforming backyards, providing custom design and building services for swimming pools, spas and patios in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.

BusinessInterviews.com: What does Presidential do?

James Frabasilio: In short, Presidential Pools transforms backyards in the hottest region …

I’ve always been an entrepreneur and have always struggled being told what to do!

Anthony Amos is a multi founding franchisor, Entrepreneur, professional speaker, best selling author, founder, inventor and angle investor

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to launch your business?

Anthony Amos: I've always been an entrepreneur and have always struggled being told what to do! ive always had a drive to succeed so i guess you have to be that way inclined to want launch …

I think we have succeeded in providing a more honest business model that is better, safer, and more efficient for consumers to buy and sell pre-owned and vintage watches.

BusinessInterviews.com: Please tell us a little about you and your Company. 

Paul Altieri:  Since I graduated college in 1980, I have always loved Rolex watches.  In fact I bought my first Submariner 16610 in 1992 and still wear it today.  I started Bob’s Watches with the vision of creating the World’s first Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange built on honesty, trust and integrity.  …

Helping launch a retirement community in Columbia, Missouri has been one of the most fulfilling moments of my professional career.

The Village of Bedford Walk is bringing a one-of-a-kind senior living experience to Columbia. The independent, refined retirement community is accepting applications with residents moving in on Wednesday, June 1. Located on Bailey Drive, Bedford is the newest retirement community in mid-Missouri and the first of its kind from JES Prime Senior Living.

Lezlee Leonard, the Village of Bedford Walk coordinator, …

Lift Division helps good businesses grow.

Today we are with Rusty Brett, owner and CEO of Lift Division, a digital marketing firm located in Columbia, MO. Lift Division serves as a strategic partner for small businesses aiming to increase their digital footprint in local markets — to Inc. 500 companies seeking to build brand authority by harnessing the scale and eminence of the web.

BusinessInterviews.com:  Tell us what Lift Division …

If you want to be an entrepreneur, jump in the pool, don’t wait for the right moment.


Featured: Piyush Jain, CEO, SIMpalm

BusinessInterviews.com: Please tell us a little about you and your company:

Piyush: I am the CEO and Founder of SIMpalm, a custom Mobile App and Web Development Company in DC. Since its inception, SIMpalm has delivered more than 150 Mobile and Web products to its client using a team of expert designers, developers, testers and project managers. We started …

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from opening your own business or doing something you are passionate about.

Law Offices of Jay M. Levy, P.A.

Featured: Jay Levy, P.A., Owner, Law Offices of Jay M. Levy, P.A.

BusinessInterviews.com:  What inspired you to open your own practice?

Jay:  That is a good question. I was inspired to open my own practice after working at a law firm for about five years and realizing that I would never make partner. At that point I knew that I was capable …

Our system makes sales people wildly successful by providing the most effective way to engage their B2B buyer, which changes the trajectory of careers and businesses.

Featured: Mike Scher, Co-Founder & CEO, FRONTLINE Selling

Every business has a story to tell. The key to successful selling is being able to tell our stories to more people, more often. FRONTLINE Selling was created by Mike Scher and Dan McCann, seasoned sales veterans who knew that companies needed an entirely new approach to securing more meaningful conversations with key decision makers. In addition to …

The problem that SUMO Heavy is trying to squash is bad eCommerce.

Featured: Bart Mroz, CEO and co-founder, SUMO Heavy

SUMO Heavy is a digital commerce strategy and consulting firm that helps brands and retailers meet their e-commerce objectives by taking care of the little things. By evaluating a brand’s existing e-commerce model, SUMO Heavy makes the most efficient and intelligent recommendations that allow for a robust and nimble eCommerce journey on the front and back …

We focus on hiring people from outside our industry who can provide a fresh perspective on processes and procedures in other arenas.

StockPKG is an emerging one-stop-shop for all companies in need of packaging, shipping and B2B supplies. The next easy-to-use Amazon of business products, StockPKG distributes thousands of discount business supplies – from packaging and shipping materials, to office furniture and safety supplies. StockPKG is THE business resource for companies of all sizes.

StockPKG is not only a robust, user-friendly online marketplace …

While I always knew I wouldn’t be the smartest guy in the room, I also knew my business wouldn’t fail due to a lack of effort.  

Fingerpaint is an independent, full-service marketing agency dedicated to defying the typical client-agency relationship. Founded by Ed Mitzen in 2008, the agency currently serves over 40 national and international accounts, including several agency of record engagements across a broad spectrum of industries, including education, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, real estate and travel and tourism. The firm specializes in brand …

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