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As a commercial broker since 2006, I felt Columbia Real Estate was a great fit for my business philosophy: aggressive, progressive and customer-driven.

Landon Albertson has worked in commercial real estate for nearly two decades. In 2015, he joined the Columbia Real Estate team as the commercial real estate broker. Using his commercial real estate experience and mid-Missouri connections, he has quickly become the go-to commercial realtor in Columbia, MO.

Today, we sat down with this emerging commercial real estate leader to learn …

There’s something very wrong with an industry so full of creative, talented people who aren’t getting paid for sharing their music.

GigTown is an all-in-one local music app that allows users to discover local musicians, post a gig to book live music, listen to original songs by your local musicians and more – it truly is a revolutionary platform that supports all avenues of the local music scene. The music technology startup launched in January 2015 by Andy and Steve Altman …

We offer an elegant, long-lasting, and customizable solution for dry erase needs – the Glassboard.

Clarus Glassboards, the leading manufacturer and innovator of glass dry-erase and architectural systems, is revolutionizing the way we communicate with innovative glass products that individuate your space with clarity, function and a chic and unique interior design.

Spearheading visual communication, Clarus Glassboard product designs offer stylish, modern and minimalist glass dry-erase boards that transform the style of communication across the corporate …

We saw the opportunity to disrupt the acne treatment market with a better product offering

Adigica Health is an e-commerce company focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary healthcare products directly to consumers. The Company’s initial flagship product, BioClarity™, has been especially formulated to treat acne in teenagers and young adults.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to launch your business?

Matt Edstrom: We saw the opportunity to disrupt the acne treatment market with a better …

“I’m always trying to stay on top of my service and to be on top of the game in order to make it as perfect as possible.”

David Schwartz is the founder and president of The Water Scrooge, which offers patented, maintenance-free water conservation solutions to homeowners and landlords. A native of Israel, David was inspired by the Israelis’ water conservation techniques and realized that U.S. markets lacked a tamper-proof conservation device for residential showers. His solution saves landlords an average of $500 per unit per year …

I think it is important for children to have imaginative playtime because when a child’s imagination is sparked, they can create their own adventures, which is significant in our overstimulated world.

Dream Frenz began in the imagination of a young girl, the oldest of three sisters, she always drew characters with big round heads and tiny bodies. These drawings inspired Halie Fulton to produce a round decorative pillow which became the "head" with a small body that tucks inside which are now Dream Frenz. Dream Frenz are available on www.dreamfrenz.com and …

We are trying to enrich customer interactions to boost sales productivity and close more deals with automation & data science.

Salesmate.io is a brain child of RapidOps Inc, having primary focus of creating a "Intelligent CRM for Smart Sales Team". We are trying to enrich customer interactions to boost sales productivity and close more deals with automation & data science.

BusinessInterviews.com: What issue does your core product help solve and how so?

Samir Motwani: Every sales executive hates to do data entry, …

The beauty of our job is that we get to innovate with the best brands and the coolest startups to build unique success stories for each.

VentureFuel, Inc. accelerates the growth of emerging media and new ad technologies by representing their offerings to Fortune 500 advertisers and agencies. VentureFuel curates the best new media platforms and disruptive technologies, then forges strategic partnerships with advertisers in order to fuel the growth of the new ventures.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to launch your business?

Fred Schonenberg: For 10 years advertisers …

With regard to truly building a culture of trust and teamwork, I end every conversation to my directors with the challenge to “err on the side of generosity.”

Charles Antis, Founder and President of Antis Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc., began his successful career in the roofing industry in 1984, after moving to Southern California from Provo, Utah where he attended Brigham Young University. Charles is a member of numerous roofing associations and business groups, including Vistage 390, which helps to advance the growth of other Orange County businesses …

There was a problem, a big systemic problem, that I wanted to fix in the health industry.

AlternaScript seeks to disrupt the healthcare industry by challenging the traditional model that is based on control by Big Pharma, distributors and retailers. AlternaScript’s direct-to-consumer model leverages technologies such as algorithms and data science to modernize the health industry and bring products direct to consumers without third party involvement.

The company has built a philosophy focused on personalized care, guided by …

My goal is to help you go to bed each night smarter than when you woke up.

Farnam Street is an online intellectual hub that helps you get an edge, avoid problems, and live a smarter life.

My goal is to help you go to bed each night smarter than when you woke up. I’ll do this by giving you tools, ideas, and frameworks for thinking. We cover topics like human misjudgment, decision making, strategy, and philosophy.

I’m not …

We eat, sleep and breathe the beach lifestyle so much that we actually implemented a 5-hour work day.

Sunglasses By Tower is a new division of Tower Paddle Boards. After striking a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, Tower Paddle Boards went on to be one of Cuban's best Shark Tank investments. Tower was named The Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego by The San Diego Business Journal with a 4 year growth rate of 2600%. …

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