I started my business because I had a huge change, I had a desire to change, and I also wanted to help other people do so.

David Neagle
Life Is Now, Inc.

David Neagle is the President of Life is Now, Inc., a multimillion dollar global coaching practice dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and service providers how to use the power of Universal Law to rapidly create quantum leaps in both business and personal arenas.

One of the ways David loves to help entrepreneurs is via live, in-person events. He also privately mentors VIP clients to host their own transformational live events, designed to generate in excess of 7-figures in under 4 days, and simultaneously provide the opportunity for those in attendance to up-level, implement the latest proven business growth strategies and step into community with other like-minded entrepreneurs!


What motivated you to start Life Is Now, Inc?


I started from a place where I was a high school dropout, married with two children, and barely able to pay my bills, and I had no education to actually change that situation. It was frustrating working two jobs, 6 days a week, and not being able to pass $20,000 a year in income. Then, something happened in my life that changed my perspective on things. I had an accident in September of 1989, where I was sucked through a dam and almost died. It woke me up to the fact that we’re not here forever. I realized that I had never really applied myself to anything. I decided that that was going to change.

A little voice in my head said, “David, change your attitude.” So I decided to make three changes. I was going to act like I loved what I did, do every job to the best of my ability, and treat everybody with total respect. In thirty days, my income went from $20,000 to $62,000 a year. I was completely floored; I could not believe that this change had taken place. Three years later, I was an upper-level manager for a petroleum company, with no further education. I earned the position just by working hard and maintaining this attitude.

I knew I was on to something. I knew that there were a lot of people who were stuck in similar, or worse, situations. I began a course of study that took about 7 years. I quit the petroleum company and started Life Is Now, Inc., in 2000, and never looked back. We help thousands of people; we’ve got millions of people all over the world who have been impacted. And it is just my passion in life. I love what I do. I love watching the lights go on in other people. I love seeing their incomes change, their lives change, and their relationships change. We’re a huge supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other organizations around the world. I started the business because I had a huge change, I had a desire to change, and I also wanted to help other people do so. And that’s what I get to do.


Have you always known you wanted to help people achieve business and life success?


I think I wanted to help people from a selfish standpoint; I wanted to help myself first. There was a real catastrophe in my family in 1970, when I was 4 years old. My uncle and 2 cousins died in a fire. Before that, my life was pretty much bliss. After that, I progressively watched dysfunction take over in my family. They didn’t know how to deal with the tragedy. At that young age, I was asking, “Is life really supposed to be this difficult?” I was facing this paradox in my life where I knew I had come from a loving God, yet so many people were miserable. I didn’t understand it. So when I got sucked through the dam, I had a conversation with God. I said to Him, “I’m sorry for not being everything that I could be. If you give me another chance and let me live through this today, I’ll figure out what’s wrong with me and spend the rest of my life trying to help other people do the same and make that change.” I think it was in that moment that I really did make the commitment to help other people. It came out of me from nowhere, so I really must have wanted to do it my whole life and just not realized it.


Can you explain to our readers what “The Neagle Code” is, and why you started it?


We had this idea that people can control how and what they think. If people think along specific lines of truth, they can change their lives very rapidly. We wanted to open that idea up to everyone, so we started a blog on our website, www.DavidNeagle.com, called “The Neagle Code.” People can actually come to the site, ask questions, and get answers to those questions every single week. We get thousands of handwritten letters and emails from all over the world, asking very specific, sometimes very personal and intimate, questions that we try to give real, solid advice for, no matter what the person’s status is in life. It’s one of our teaching methods to help others. “The Neagle Code” is one of the ways that we’re able to give back.


You do so many different things as President of Life Is Now, Inc. What’s your favorite part of your job?


I think my favorite part of my job is teaching, specifically teaching to live audiences. That’s the thing I love to do most. I love to run the business, I love the sales aspect of it, and I love to coach people, but the number-one thing is teaching to live audiences.


You’re an inspiration to many in the business world. Who are your inspirations or influences?


I have two very big influences. One would be Abraham Lincoln, and the other one would be General George Patton. They’re influences for me because both of these individuals had really tumultuous backgrounds but overcame. For example, George Patton, who is known as the “Blood and Guts General” who really pulled us though Germany and defeated Hitler in WWII, struggled all of his life with his own courage and his own inadequacies. Abraham Lincoln suffered with pretty much the same thing, including depression and different kinds of failures. Here are two individuals in our past who shaped the course of our history; each was confronted with probably some of the most difficult decisions a person ever has to make. They overcame difficulties, and both felt that they were divinely guided and inspired to make those decisions and follow them through.


What is one mistake you have made regarding entrepreneurship? Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs to avoid this type of mistake?


Probably the biggest mistake that I made in my own business, early on, was not hiring for the direction that I wanted to go in my company. This is what we refer to as “reactive hiring,” or waiting until you have a problem and then hiring someone to try and fix it. It took me a few years to really learn that I needed to hire people who were more talented, educated, and smarter than me for the direction that I wanted to go.


What’s the one thing you’re most excited about on the horizon?


The one thing I am most excited about right now is a brand that we’re developing called “The Miracle of Money.” This is the second year in its cultivation. We’ve done two very large seminar series on it with hard products. There’s also currently a book, called The Miracle of Money, and we have a certification program entitled “The Miracle of Money.” It is just taking off like crazy. That is definitely the thing I’m most excited about.

The second thing would be the Breaking Free Live Experience Program that is really gaining momentum. People from all over the world are attending it twice a year and are reaching astounding breakthroughs in their lives, with finances or in their relationships. For instance, we’ve been able to see marriages saved, life directions changed, and incomes just skyrocket. It’s really exciting and both of those, “The Miracle of Money” and the Breaking Free Live Experience, go hand in hand.

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